Whisperwood Labradors is a small kennel that selectively keeps only a few Labradors. 
On occasion we will have a litter to further our own show and performance lines. 
It is important to me to breed an all-around, English style, Labrador that is just as comfortable being a fireside companion 
as well as a partner in the show ring or in the duck blind.

We breed for physical and mental soundness; in order to do this our dogs must pass multiple health clearances, 
which include orthopedic, heart and eye clearances. 

Proper temperament is paramount in a Labrador so our Labradors are well socialized in different environments.
I have been involved with Labradors since the mid 1980ís. 

I canít imagine my life without Labradors; they are part of who I am. 
I have been so very fortunate to have had my heart stolen by this wonderful breed 
and to have friends and mentors that share the same love. 

I would be remiss in not mentioning my good friend and mentor, Diane Wehrheim, Special Occasion Labradors. 
I met Diane in 1991 and have considered her an integral part of my breeding program, 
without her I would not have the Labradors that I have today. 

I also give a nod to Phyllis Putney, Putwyn Labradors; Winnie Limbourne, Wingmaster Labradors; 
and Martha Lee Voshell, Broad Reach Labradors; 
even though these ladies are no longer here today their words of wisdom and counsel still resound in my mind.

I am a founding/charter member of the Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Club; 
a member of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac; and a member of the Middleburg Kennel Club.

"Trying to get 3 old obstinate sweethearts to stand together, and be still for photos, is a real chore!"